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Roleplay Rules Empty Roleplay Rules

Post  Katniss on Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:20 pm

Please follow all of the following rules for roleplay:
1. No cussing. (*** it out counts as cussing)
2. No spamming. (if it is shorter than 5 words then it is considered spam)
3. Be polite.
4. Please keep violence to a medium.
5. Do not descriptive write breeding/mating. We will have younger ones here most
6. Please obey the Alpha and Alphess.
7. Show respect for higher ranks but do not show disrespect to lower ranks.
8. Do not boss others around.
9. Please post on the topic on WolfQuest if you wish to join and be accepted.
10. Do not create inappropriate topics or stories.
11. No "Bests", like "I'm strongest," or "I'm fastest". This wil result in ban from website and kicked out of pack.
12. No dodging all attacks. If their is a fight you must get hit. You can say that you dodged only 3 times in each fight.
13. Let's try to keep this as realistic (no dinosaur or extinct morphs) as possible within our fantasy range.
14. Please use wolf terms that others understand. If you wish, you may create a topic explaining wolf terms in the Wolf Corner forum.
15. No text talk on roleplay threads. ChatBox only please.
16. You can not be in 2 places at once.
17. Please use a different color for your actions, speaking, and when you move to a new roleplay area.
18. Please update the Current Roleplay Area section in your Roleplay Wolf Info every time you move to a different roleplay area.
19. Please update and fill in all boxes of your Roleplay Wolf Info Please be descriptive in your Personality section of this. (Hint: You could just copy + paste it from your wolf's bio).
20. Do not roleplay as more than 1 wolf without asking the leader first. If you are given permission then please type + post that wolf's bio before roleplaying as it.
21. If the leader as given you permission to play as a 2nd wolf then you may use 1 color (different than what you have) to use for its actions, speaking, and when going to a different roleplay area.(Hint: Do not make a new account for the wolf or change Roleplay Wolf Info to fit in for that wolf. You can change that in the wolf's bio).
22. Please use proper grammar and spelling.
23. Feel free to suggest anything in the Suggestions/Tips. If someone makes fun of your ideas then they will be banned from the website for a week.
24. Please include your history in your wolf's bio, just so that we can see where your wolf came from.
25. Please only morph into what your rank says you can.

These rules might change or more will be added. Check back often.

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